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Remember the days of hand-carved furniture, blown-glass goblets, and fresh-baked bread? Time was invested and people were proud of their products.

Now, the world has become fast-paced. Little time is spent on quality, and pride has become a long-lost dream.

Not so for Customline, manufacturer of automatic gate operators. Though most manufacturers “just don’t make it the way they used to, “Customline still takes the time to make the very best.

From the frame to the motor, the craftsmanship is of a quality seldom seen in this day and age. Made with the sturdiest materials, a Customline operator opens and closes smoothly and holds the gate securely. You can be sure you are getting a fine piece of equipment that will last many years.

Customline has successfully created, installed, and repaired its gate operators since 1905. By consistently producing quality products, it has weathered fads in the industry. It has been there to service its customers in the past, and it will be available to give you the same old-fashioned service. Customline can assess your needs and provide you with the correct gate system, custom made if necessary.

Gate Operators

Our customized gate openers guarantee ample reserve power and stability for an increased lifetime of performance. The smooth power delivered to the gate by the operator is under full control at all times.

At Customline, we create gate operators that can be specified to accommodate each customer’s unique security needs, while guaranteeing maximum performance, efficiency, and stability. This dedication to quality and safety puts Customline products in a class by themselves.